1. Does your company produce anything other than Bodyguard products?

Bodyguard Composites is part of Malley Industries Inc. Malley is a privately owned enterprise that has been in business for over 40 years. We've grown to be one of North America’s premiere Ambulance and specialized vehicle manufacturers. We’ve taken what we’ve learned in design and engineering from our other product lines and have incorporated that into the Bodyguard line of Commercial Wall Liners and Partitions.


2. Can you add insulation behind the wall liners?

Yes, you can. After the wall liners are installed there is a cavity of a few inches between the wall liners and the exterior van wall. In our own conversions for Ambulance and Mobility vehicles, we use a foil back insulation product from Mason Insulation called Alley Wrap B.


3. What type of ABS is used in Manufacturing your Partitions and Wall Liners?

We buy mill runs from Spartech in Ohio, a leading North American Manufacture of Composites. We exclusively use the premium grade ABS, FormPro1101 (the best available extruded ABS thermoplastic sheets). FormPro ABS sheet solutions are known for their balance of toughness and appearance, combined with the formability that ABS provides.


4. Do you have a Technical Data Sheet available for the FormPro1101?

Yes, please click here for the Technical Data Sheet.


5. Where can I buy Bodyguard products?

Bodyguard products can be purchased through our distributors and dealers:

United States:

Masterack: www.masterack.com
Urgent Upfits: www.urgentupfits.com
Alliance Fleet: www.alliancefleet.com


Action Car and Truck Accessories: www.actiontrucks.com


6. How difficult is it to install these products? 

Bodyguard products are designed to fit with minimal trimming and/or adjustments. Installation manuals are included on our website which will demonstrate how to install our Partitions and Wall Liners.


7. Do your Partitions provide a complete seal between the cab and the back of the vans?

Our partitions are some of the closest fitting units available on the market. Our kits do not come with a seal but we have had installers report back that they have used non expanding foam or rubber gaskets to fill in the few areas that may have spacing.


8. What is your warranty policy regarding your partitions and wall liners?

Our Bodyguard products have been installed in thousands of vehicles supporting many different trades, emergency services and people movers. We have rarely had issues regarding our products, however in the rare event something has happened, please contact us with your concerns. Our warranty policy can be found here.


9. Can I install the Bodyguard Wall Liners and Partitions into electric vans such as the Ford E-Transit?

Yes, you can. The partition gets installed the same way as a combustion powered Transit.