The Transit Connect Mobility Van

If the wheelchair occupant will not be driving, an affordable alternative to a full size van is our lowered floor Transit Connect with rear access ramp. This conversion accommodates the wheelchair occupant, a driver and up to four other passengers to be carried safely and comfortably.

The Stow-Away Ramp folds away to cover the lowered floor area providing a flat floor surface for groceries and luggage. The Lowered Floor Transit connect is ideal for families, care homes, schools, hotel shuttles, taxis, and more!


Fuel-Efficient & Versatile

  • Seats six including one wheelchair passenger
  • Stow-Away Ramp fold inward to cover the lowered floor providing a flat floor surface for groceries, luggage & more
  • Vehicle available with swing doors or liftgate for convenient ramp access
  • 4-cylinder engine
  • Successfully crash tested
  • Meets all U.S. and Canadian safety regulations (FMVSS/CMVSS)
  • D409 & ADA Compliant

10 year-old Michael from Nova Scotia finds his whole school cheering for him as he arrives in his brand new Transit Connect Mobility Van from Malley Industries.