Quality Certifications & Achievements

From the smallest component to the finished product, Malley Industries endeavours to be at the leading edge of quality assurance, certification and standardization. Through the planned use of training, process improvement & control, testing and inspection, we ensure that high quality is designed into every product that we sell.


• AMD: Ambulance Manufacturers Division of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA)
• ADA & CSA D409: Paratransit / Mobility Vehicles
• CMVSS: Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
• FMVSS: US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations
• NHTSA: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Registered in the United States, as a Motor Vehicle Manufacturer under 49 CFR Part 566
• Q-PRO: Qualified member of FCA's Ram Quality Professional Program
• QVM: Qualified Vehicle Modifier (Ford) - Ambulance / Mobility Conversions
• Ambulances built in compliance with U.S. KKK regulations, NTEA and State labelling requirements
• Compliance with multiple Canadian Provincial ambulance standards & regulations


• First company in Canada to receive Q-PRO qualification from FCA.
• First Company in Canada to receive QVM certification in both Ambulance and Adaptive Mobility vocations
• First Company in Canada to receive accreditation to the adaptive mobility industries standards for manufacture of vehicles for the physically challenged
• First Canadian Company and only one of four in North America to have designed and successfully tested a lowered floor wheelchair accessible vehicle on the Ford   Transit Connect vehicle platforms
• Obtained multi-jurisdictional certification for ambulances in Canada and the U.S.
• Malley Industries was the first company in Canada to be certified by Transfer Flow Inc. (TFI Inc.) to install modified fuel systems on Ford Transit Connect vehicles
• Recognized by many of the major automotive manufacturers as a producer of vehicle adaptations meeting all of their engineering and safety requirements

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