Plastic Component Design and Manufacturing

What We Do

Malley Industries designs and produces thermoformed plastic components.

We produce trays, housings, coverings, wall panels, automotive parts, shelving and storage systems, food service moulds, catch trays and even decorative wall hangings for an wide range of industries.

Check out our guide to thermoforming for more information.

Our Capabilities

We produce very large parts - up to 88 inches by 127 inches - like the nose cone of a helicopter simulator or the entire side wall of an ambulance or commercial van interior. We have perfected the design and production of moulding tools that make these large parts cost-effective at small volumes - even 50 parts per year.

Our affordable moulds also make us cost-competitive at medium volumes in the tens of thousands. 

Who We Help

For our own vehicles, we produce dozens of plastic interior and trim pieces, cabinets, walls and vehicle interiors. We have clients in the aerospace and defence sectors, automotive and transportation, rail transportation, health and beauty, electronics, insurance and fuels industries. We supply our clients with standard products designed by our skilled team and provide contract manufacturing of moulds and parts for custom applications.