Law Enforcement & Security

Protecting the public requires vehicles with the right combination of equipment and design efficiency. Officer safety is the top priority at Malley Industries Inc. Our fabrication specialists design and manufacture law enforcement vehicles that are safe, easy to use and compliant to our strict quality standards. Whether the law enforcement agency is looking for a fleet of vehicles or a one-of-a-kind custom configuration, we accommodate the unique needs of each organization on the vehicle platform of their preference. We can also provide retrofit services of older vehicles. Contact us for more details.

Organized Response Tray

With compartments for equipment, fire extinguisher bracket and ergonomic removal handles, the Organized Response Tray by Malley Industries improves accessibility, security and visibility of law enforcement fleet equipment without compromising spare tire access. Product includes an option for a stop stick securement under the trunk lid or brackets for a singer install under the aluminum equipment drawer. Currently available for the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Sedan.

Click here for the instruction guide for the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Sedan.

Prisoner Transport

Whether you require secured transport for one or several prisoners, segregation cells for high risk prisoners or youth offenders, secured equipment containment or any combination thereof, we have the design expertise, fabrication specialists and production flexibility to meet the unique requirements of your organization’s specifications on the platform of your choice. We also have the capability to design and fabricate prisoner containment systems in a modular format. 

K-9 Units

Four legged law enforcement experts require safe and comfortable transportation so that they are able to provide essential on-site services on command. K-9 units can be fabricated on a variety of vehicle platforms.

Accident Investigation & Forensic Vehicles

On scene forensic units provide investigators with the tools and equipment they need to properly secure evidence and carry out their work. Whether you require a formal response to an RFP or want to work directly with our design team to maximize the efficiency of the space and equipment to accommodate your organization’s unique needs, Malley Industries has the expertise and capability to be your one-stop solution provider.

Command & Control

Regardless of the type of vehicle chosen, the command and control units we produce have one common element: they maximize the efficiency of the available space. We work closely with our clients to include all the required elements, always taking into account the functionality of the vehicle. 

Surveillance Units

Whether surveillance units are for a law enforcement agency or insurance fraud investigation, they need to be fully-equipped and functional on the inside and indistinguishable from the outside. Our expertise ensures that the surveillance units we manufacture will be comfortable and efficient on the inside but not be an attention grabber.