Emergency Response Vehicles

Through the custom manufacturing capabilities of our plant and personnel, Malley Industries accommodates the unique needs of the emergency response industry. Our first responders, ERUs, rescue vehicles, as well as those designed for hazardous materials transport, combine design efficiency and functionality with the latest materials and technology.

Vehicle Solutions for First on Scene Personnel

When working with a customer involved in the transport of special commodities or first on scene, careful planning of all aspects of the vehicle configuration is involved. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their vehicle complies with all regulatory and safety requirements while providing the functionality that’s essential to the important work the men and women involved in first response and other investigation / emergency services carry out.

We work on the customer’s vehicle of choice to provide the solution that best suits your organization’s particular service delivery requirements.

  • Fire investigation units
  • ERU (Emergency Response Units)
  • Modular rescue units
  • First responder vehicles
  • Hazmat Vehicles